Witching Hour Eclipse Dark Earring


💜 Legend has it that during the witching hour, when the moon is eclipsed and the world is shrouded in darkness, witches gather to cast their spells and weave their magic. These Witching Hour Eclipse Dark Earrings are said to have been crafted by the most powerful of witches, imbued with the ancient magic of the lunar eclipse. Made of blackened silver, they glimmer like stars against the night sky, and when worn, they grant their wearer a sense of otherworldly power and mystery. Be warned, for with great power comes great responsibility. Are you ready to embrace the darkness and unleash the magic of the witching hour?

  • Product ID: DF6766
  • Material:  S925 silver needle, Alloy, Cubic zirconia
  • Length: 1.1" / 2.8cm
  • Weight: about 2.5g
  • Item Type: Earring
  • Color: Black