Prophesying Little Devil Earrings


💜 Once upon a time, there were earrings that were said to be prophesy little devils. With their mysterious and otherworldly appearance, these earrings were thought to hold the power to predict the future. The intricate design featured delicate details and a hauntingly beautiful contrast of silver and black. It was believed that wearing these earrings would bring the wearer wisdom and foresight. As if imbued with magic, these earrings exuded a sense of mystery and wonder, making them a prized possession for those who sought the supernatural.

  • Product ID: DF6753
  • Material:  925 sterling silver, Natural pearl shell
  • Length: about 1.37"-1.57" / 3.5-4cm
  • Weight: About 1.9g
  • Item Type: Earrings