Otherworldly Sacred Cat Eyes Earrings



💜 In the moonlight, a pair of glowing eyes appeared, as if from another world. They were the sacred eyes of a cat, said to hold mystical powers beyond human understanding. The Otherworldly Sacred Cat Eyes Earrings were inspired by those mysterious eyes, capturing their beauty and magic. The intricate design and delicate details of these earrings make them a true work of art, and the 925 sterling silver construction ensures that they are both durable and elegant. With these earrings, you can carry a piece of the otherworldly magic with you wherever you go

  • Product ID: DF6757
  • Material: Alloy, Glass, 925 silver needle
  • Size: 0.9" (2.4cm)
  • Weight: 6g
  • Item Type:  Earrings
  • Color: Blue-white, Purple-white, Blue-Green