1PC- Midnight Magic Wand Hair Sticks

$34.99 $50.00


💜 These hair sticks feature a magical wand shape with wings, colored like the night sky. As the night falls, the sound of whispers can be heard somewhere in the forest. The witches are gathering for their secret meeting in a hidden world. They each carry a magic wand, and the Midnight Magic Wand Hair Sticks they wear on their hair reveal their mysterious charm. The star-shaped sparkles that fall from the fingertips of these witches create a mesmerizing scene, even in the darkness. These hair sticks invite you to enter the world of witches and experience the same enchantment they do.

  • Product ID: DF6761
  • Material: Alloy, Gold plating
  • Item Type:  Hair Sticks
  • Size: 7.4" (19 cm)
  • Weight: 20g
  • Color: Ultramarine, Dark