Deep Forest Fairy 925 Sterling silver Bracelet

$59.99 $65.00

💜 Deep in the witch's enchanted forest, a mystical fairy resides, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Her presence is captured in the Deep Forest Fairy Bracelet, crafted with delicate 925 sterling silver and adorned with sparkling green crystals. As if she were woven into the very fabric of the forest, this fairy's magic is infused into the bracelet, invoking a sense of wonder and enchantment in all who wear it. Let the Deep Forest Fairy Bracelet transport you to a world of fantasy and magic.

  • Product ID: DF6764
  • Material:  925 Sterling silver, Green crystal (artificial crystal)
  • Size: As Picture
  • Weight: about 4.3g
  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Color: Black green