The cozy season has officially commenced! As we prepare to shrug on our super-soft cardigans and sip on warm, uber-sweet drinks, we decided to get in the festive spirit by speaking to popular cosplay creator Em Fae, also known as EmTheFae, on Instagram.


 Now let's dive in!


Em quickly gained a following on various social media platforms after sharing her passion for cosplay with her fans, dressing up as her favorite fictional characters. In our chat, we also discuss her journey with mental health, how her personal style further allows her to express herself, and the fashion she embraces when the weather forecast is cozy.

So, continue reading if you want to get into the cozy spirit and learn more about exceptional cosplay content creator Em Fae.


(Pink is my favorite color! I love wearing anything pink, it makes me so happy.)


Kira: The autumn and winter season is finally here! Do you like wearing cozy Cardigans during this season?  What kind of style do you wear?

Em: I love wearing cozy cardigans during the autumn and winter seasons! I wear cardigans of all sorts - from cropped and stylish cardigans to long and comfy ones.


Kira: Do you have special memories of the Autumn and winter season?

Em:  I love the holidays! Especially Christmas. I like to bake cookies, make peppermint hot chocolate, listen to holiday songs, and watch holiday films. It’s such a cozy time of the year. I have fond memories of spending this time with my loved ones.


(Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling. I love this bunny suit. It’s cute, sexy, and fun. What’s not to love?)


Kira: Your cosplay is very cute and seemed to express the character's features very well! What made you interested in doing it? Please tell us more about your journey in this field.

Em: I’ve always loved movies, tv shows, and books ever since I was a kid. As a kid, I had a large collection of princess dresses in my closet. I would wear them around the house and pretend I was a Disney princess. I have always been fascinated by fantasy worlds and the characters that live in them. When I entered middle school, I became involved with my local theatre. I performed in a variety of plays and musicals until I graduated high school. This further developed my love of analyzing characters and making them my own. I downloaded the app Tiktok in 2019 (I was in college at this time). On the app, I saw people cosplaying from my favorite fictional universes. I thought it was so cool! I became friends with a lot of them and started putting together my own cosplays too. This sparked my love for cosplay, and my love for it has become even stronger to this day!


Kira: Who is your favorite cosplay character? Why?

Em: My favorite character that I cosplay is Jinx. Jinx is from the video game, “League of Legends.” She also appears as the main character in a Netflix series called “Arcane.” She was my first cosplay to go viral on social media. It made me very happy because this character means a lot to me. She’s fun to cosplay because she can be funny and chaotic. But she also has a darker, more serious side to her too. I’m able to connect to this character a lot, so cosplaying her comes naturally. Jinx is definitely a comfort character for me.


(My favorite cosplay! Jinx from Arcane. This photo was taken by the talented Alan Tijerina when I attended Fan Expo Dallas. 💙Jinx is so much fun to cosplay)


Kira: Your followers on Instagram quickly doubled over the past 2 months, which is amazing! What do you think made this possible?

Em: It’s crazy, I’m still amazed by how quickly it went up! I get asked this question all the time, and to be honest, I’m not really sure how that happened. I hope that people see how much time and effort I put into my passion for cosplaying and content creation. I try to stay active on social media and post regularly. I have a lot of amazing supporters! I am so thankful for all of them.


(Anna from Frozen 2!Frozen 2 is my favorite movie of all time. Fun fact: Anna was the first character I ever cosplayed!)


Kira: We all struggle with burnout sometimes. What are some things that you do to bring the spark of inspiration back to your work when this happens?

Em: Burnout and mental health is something that I have struggled with a lot in the past and still do. I’ve found that the most important thing is to focus on self-care! Make time to care for yourself. I tend to overwork myself. I sometimes become consumed by the negative aspects of social media. As a content creator, it can be hard to ignore the negative comments and DMs that we receive almost every day. Sometimes I start to think that I’m not good enough, or my cosplays aren’t good enough - which can lead to burnout. Sometimes I have to step away from social media for a day or two to make time to focus on caring for myself. I make sure that I’m eating healthy foods and drinking enough water. I like to incorporate yoga into my daily routine. I’ll watch some of my favorite shows and play some of my favorite video games. I’m a very artsy person, so I’ll also do some crafting. This usually helps me to clear my mind and get my motivation back.


(Cute selfie I took out of cosplay. I love wearing my pink cat ear headset while gaming. I feel so cute in them!)


Kira: You mentioned in your recent post that you wanted to move out of state, can you tell us why?

Em: I currently live in Kentucky, and I have lived here for my entire life. I’m ready to explore and start a new chapter of my life! I want to experience a new environment. I’m currently saving up to move out of state - fingers crossed that I’ll be able to soon!


Kira: What's your favorite fashion style in your daily life?

Em: I love anything cute! I like colorful things and pretty pastels. I especially love pink! Wearing pink always makes me happy. I enjoy wearing girly dresses and skirts. Anything that makes me feel like a princess! I also really like purses and backpacks. I have a small collection of cute purses/backpacks and hope to keep adding to it.

(This cosplay is a fan favorite on my social media pages. Padmé from Star Wars!)


Kira: What do you think is the most trending item now?

Em: I think cardigans and sweaters are very trendy right now! Especially since it’s getting colder in a lot of areas. Sweaters are such a cute addition to any outfit.

(Yae Miko from Genshin Impact! Genshin Impact is my favorite video game. I had so much fun doing this photo shoot!)


Kira: Do you plan to continue developing cosplay content in the future?  Other than Cosplaying, are there any other niches that you want to explore?

Em: I do plan to continue creating cosplay content in the future! I don’t think that passion will go away anytime soon. I hope to continue improving my craft and sharing it with my supporters on social media. There are definitely other things that I’m interested in exploring too. I’ve always been a dreamer, and I love to try new things. I want to start streaming on Twitch in the near future. I don’t yet have the setup to be able to do so, but it’s in the works! I love playing video games, and think that it would be a lot of fun to stream them. Lately, I’ve also wanted to start looking into acting. I’m specifically interested in voice acting. All of my favorite shows and movies are animated. It would be a dream come true to get to voice my own character!


Kira: What items do you recommend to Kawaii fans for their upcoming Autumn/Winter season? Can you pick from our store?

Em: You know I love cute, girly outfits! Since it’s getting colder out, I thought this cardigan would be perfect for the autumn/winter season. The white lace tank top looks so pretty under the pink cardigan. The pink detailing on the skirt and shoes matches perfectly. The leg warmers are adorable and will keep your legs warm! And to pull everything together, I picked out a pearl necklace and a strawberry milk purse. I love the pink in this outfit. It’s very much my style.


(See Em's Outfit)


Kira:  We are so happy to collaborate with you! Do you have any standards or criteria when you are deciding who to collaborate with? And what was your Kirakiraworld impression?

Em: I only collaborate with brands that I’m familiar with and love! I had been following Kirakiraworld for a while before we began talking about collaboration. I love that Kirakiraworld offers a variety of styles, so anyone can find something that they love! I was very drawn to their cute clothing and accessories.


Kira: Is there anything that you want to say to your fans and followers? 

Em: Thank you so much for all the kindness and support that you have shown me! It’s hard to put into words just how grateful I am for all of you. It genuinely makes me so happy that people enjoy my content enough to stick around. I love you all from the bottom of my heart! Thank you!!!!


 "It genuinely makes me so happy that people enjoy my content enough to stick around. I love you all from the bottom of my heart!"


Our conversation with Em Fae proves that by embracing your hobbies, improving your talents, and taking care of your well-being, you’re bound to find people who admire your efforts and motivation to continue pursuing what you love most - all year long.

If you share Em’s love of soft, snuggly cardigans and sweaters to keep you warm this cozy season, shop the Kirkiraworld collection here. Additionally, check out more of Em’s cosplay content by visiting her links below. Don’t forget to send her love from her Kirakiraworld fans!





November 03, 2022 — Mylene Mymy


Ashley said:

Hey Miss Fae! I’ve been a silent follower until a few weeks ago… I think you’re cool beans and very attractive. I hope you get a voice over role, have you ever thought of doing voice over for children’s novels or novels on audible? Ciao

Manuel said:

Hello! I love what your do with cosplay outfits. Hope big things happen for you and you become a super star.

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