For many Kirakira World girlies around the world, winter is quickly approaching, so it’s time to bust out soft sweaters, knee-high socks, and cozy cardigans. For more fashion inspiration, we turned to Anastassiya, a social media influencer from Kazakhstan.


Now let's dive in!


Known for her exceptional makeup looks and cosplay outfits. In our conversation, she shares her favorite fashion must-haves for the winter season, the inspiration behind her content, and what motivates her to keep pursuing what she loves.



Kira: Winter is almost coming up! Are you excited? Could you tell us about winter in your country?

Anastassiya:  Each region of my country has a different climate. Where I live, the city of Almaty, the winter is very wet and warm, there is very little snow, but the air is still cold.


( Cosplay on Krul Tepes)

Kira: How do you prepare for the winter, and do you have any tips for spending winter fun?

Anastassiya:  In winter, you need to improve your immunity and, of course, buy winter things, which is my favorite! To go outside in winter, play snowballs, ride a roller coaster, skate.


Kira: You have so much content on both Instagram and Tiktok, and I can tell that you put in lots of time. How did you develop your makeup skills? Since when did you start doing makeup? And also tell us about when you were a kid!

Anastassiya:  Thanks a lot! I really devote a lot of time to this. I started doing makeup and cosplay in 2018, constantly learning new things, improving my skills through trial and error, and watching people who are more professional than me. Now doing makeup for me and reincarnating is a common thing! I have been very creative since childhood. I did many things, such as dancing, acting, and music school. I was extraordinary and unusual, I always thought creatively.


( Photo with mysterious energy )


Kira: I see that your first post was uploaded in 2017. There must have been some difficulties along the way. Could you tell us what were the biggest challenges you had and how you overcame them?

Anastassiya: The biggest problem is my self-doubt. I always thought that I was not doing anything interesting and no one would look at me. I felt that I couldn’t do anything. Every time I posted a new post, I counted every like and got upset if there were fewer than usual, and immediately I wanted to quit everything.


Kira: Your exceptional makeup skills are definitely at the professional level. The range of characters you express is not limited, from Van Gogh to animation characters. Please tell us which art piece is your favorite.

Anastassiya: Yes, I did do completely different personalities. Mostly I choose bitchy characters and villains, but my favorite makeup is Gollum cosplay from Lord of the Rings. It was one of the most demanding jobs. I changed myself as much as possible. I just always loved this movie, and this character seems very tragic to me.


( Cosplay on Raiden Shogun)


Kira: It seems like your content on Tiktok is mostly dancing, while Instagram is dedicated to makeup. What do you enjoy more, and how is it different for you?

Anastassiya: I'm more into makeovers and cosplay, but my audience is more into dance, so I combine them. Shooting dances is much easier than doing makeup and cosplay in terms of time, but it's relaxing.


Kira: I saw one video from your Instagram account that you were cutting your hair. Could you tell us about what emotion you were going through and how did you overcome that? And do you have any advice for people going through mental issues?

Anastassiya: Oh yes, this is one of the most turning points in my life, all my childhood, I was bullied at school, and I was very insecure. Therefore, I decided to cut my hair and get rid of the emotional heaviness and the shackles that fettered me. I was scared, I thought I was making a mistake, but when I already did, I breathed a sigh of relief, looked at myself, and realized that I was beautiful. So if you are going through a difficult time psychologically right now, remember that everything is in your hands, motivate yourself, find something that will distract and please you, and of course, do not be afraid to use the services of a psychologist.


( Stylish Model Photo )

Kira: Do you have your favorite animation or movie character? Please tell us what made you fall in love with that character.

Anastassiya:  I have a lot of favorite characters, so it's hard to choose ... But probably Helga from the cartoon Hey Arnold. She perfectly describes me in my childhood. I was just as rude, everyone was afraid of me, but in my heart, I was very romantic and vulnerable.


( Mysterious love elf )

Kira: Nowadays, trend changes at such a fast pace. As an influencer, how do you catch up with current trends? And what do you think is the trend right now, and what is your favorite item?

Anastassiya: To keep up with the changing trends, you need to constantly surf the Internet and follow what is beginning to gain popularity. This is actually a very complex process, and you need to be very careful. I think now it is on Instagram that photos in the style of toy figures are very popular, now all cosplayers have started doing this!


Kira: Do you have any tips for dressing up warm during winter? Could you pick from our store and recommend style?

Anastassiya:  In winter, you need to dress very warmly, but do not forget about style! After all, you always want to look beautiful. In winter, I like a little gentle style. I want to be so plush and cute! I love artificial fur coats, warm sweatshirts with a hood, because I don’t like hats, but I also need to protect my head from the cold. Mandatory cute pants and kawaii boots! I think it's perfect for winter!


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Kira: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your fans and followers?  

Anastassiya:  I want to support everyone who is reading this now. If you are just starting your journey in something or you are currently in a difficult time, I want to tell you that you will succeed. You will go through difficult periods, but they make us stronger. Don't give up; go ahead and love yourself! Love you!


"I want to tell you that you will succeed. You will go through difficult periods, but they make us stronger. Don't give up; go ahead and love yourself!"


If you’re like Anastassiya and have a passion for something, remember to keep your head up, stay in your lane, and don’t pay attention to what others say.

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November 07, 2022 — Kira SNS

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