Witch's Mystical Crystals Earring


💜 Deep in the heart of the forest lies a hidden coven of witches. They gather under the light of the moon, weaving spells and divinations with the help of their mystical crystals. The 'Witch's Mystical Crystals Earring' embodies the essence of this secret world, capturing the magic and mystery of the witches' craft. Adorned with shimmering crystals that reflect the moonlight, these earrings evoke the power and beauty of the witches' magic. With these earrings, you too can tap into the mystical energy of the coven and unleash your own enchantments upon the world.

  • Product ID: DF6751
  • Material: Alloy, 5925 silver needle
  • Process: electroplating real gold
  • Item Type: Earrings
  • Detail size: as picture
  • Length: 3.7" (9.5cm)
  • Weight: 7.7g
  • Color: Silver