Halloween is creeping up quickly, and if you still need costume inspiration, we got you covered with the help of Instagram model Melody, also known as Ravishinggrim.


Now let's dive in!


A quick scroll through Melody’s Instagram profile reveals her iconic style, which is famous for its glamorous goth elements - fishnet stockings, chokers, leather, and lace are some of her favorite pieces to style. She’s known for her signature use of an eye-catching black-and-white filter, making her feed look incredibly aesthetic and undeniably spooky.

So, today, we’re chatting with Melody in the hopes of learning more about her unique fashion sense to help us celebrate the Halloween season in style.



Kira: Are you excited about Halloween? What do you usually do, and what’s your plan for this year?

Melody: Yes! I've been watching Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween since I was a kid. It became my own tradition, so I'll be doing the same this year too!


Kira:Your Instagram feed is so aesthetically pleasing. How do you manage to keep your feed neat and organized?

Melody:Thank you so much for the kind words! I try to stick to a similar color palette and plan my posts ahead to keep my feed organized.


Kira: Where is your favorite place to buy clothing now? Do you have any favorite merchants in particular?

MelodySome of my favorite brands are Killstar, Dollskill & Punkrave.


Kira: We are so happy to collaborate with you! Do you have any standards or criteria when deciding who to collaborate with? And what was your Kirakiraworld impression?

MelodyI'm really happy to collaborate with you as well! Thank you so much for the opportunity. Yes, I do, I always check the quality of the items when a company sends me their collections. If the outfit has a low quality, I don't promote those items. My first impression of KiraKiraWorld was being amazed by the variety of different styles & aesthetics.


Kira: Your skin is so pale, like a vampire's! Is that how your skin really looks like, or is it due to the filter and editing?

MelodyFor as long as I can remember, I've always been interested in B&W photography. When I first started modeling and taking my own pictures, everything was completely B&W. Then, over time I started adding a little bit of color while keeping most of the picture B&W. So my pictures always have a B&W edit.


Kira: Is there anything that you want to say to your fans and followers?

MelodyYes! I want to thank everyone for supporting me these past few years and giving me the confidence to express myself through modeling. I never would've gotten to where I am with my work without the support of my followers. So thank you so much to everyone for all the lovely comments, messages, and overall support! <3


Kira: What items do you recommend to Kawaii fans for their upcoming Halloween style? Can you pick one from our store? (dress, shoes, dolls, etc.)

MelodySince the Halloween season is just around the corner. I wanted to build a spooky cute Halloween outfit. I've always been interested in the mythology of night creatures. So I wanted to make an outfit inspired by them! This outfit features a Dark Lolita Dress paired with the Vintage Goth Platform Lolita Mary Jane which I think is the cutest match!.  The look will not be complete without spooky accessories so I choose to add 1 Pair of small Demon Horn Hairpins, a Gothic Heart Chain Leather Choker Necklace, and Black devil wings to blend in with my favorite night creature; bats!🖤🦇

See Melody's Kirabox


" I never would've gotten to where I am with my work without the support of my followers"

Our illuminating chat with Melody reminds us that when you take the time to learn more about what you love and dress for yourself, you can never go wrong. Her hard work has certainly paid off, as over a hundred thousand people around the world have followed her journey, eager to see how her style evolves and possibly gain inspiration from her as they develop their own fashion sense. We know we are!

Want to explore more of Melody’s iconic fashion sense for Halloween inspo? Check out her links below and tag us in any of her looks you recreate!





October 19, 2022 — Kira

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