With summer long gone and autumn’s arrival, it’s time to prepare for the new season. At Kirakira World, we’re updating our wardrobes with Kirakira World’s cute and comfy hoodies. In an attempt to get into the spirit of colder weather, we sat down for a chat with social media influencer Limo Harrison, also known as MOMO, on Instagram.


 Now let's dive in!


Earning over 11,000 followers on the platform, MOMO has become instantly recognizable for her pastel pink aesthetic and love of anime and gaming. So, continue reading to learn more about her favorite autumn clothing pieces, her personal style, and how sharing her hobbies has changed her life for the better.


Kira: The Autumn and winter season is finally here! Do you like wearing hoodies or sweaters during this season?  What kind of style do you wear?

Momo: Yesss! The Fluffy ones! The one that makes me feel like being hugged by a bear.


Kira: Do you have special memories of the Autumn and winter season?

Momo: Although the UK is cold during winter, it doesn't always snow. I remember one morning in December, I woke up in the morning and opened my curtains. And I saw my whole garden was covered in snow. It was so beautiful. Wintertime is very nostalgic, it is exciting as Christmas is just around the corner. There's also bonfire night on 5th November, where you can enjoy fireworks with your family and friends.


(I was trying to be a character in hunter x hunter, I want to be Hisoka’s hentai little sister😂)

Kira: What's your favorite fashion style?

Momo: I love pink and pastel colors, but my favourite fashion style is more rebel aesthetic or girl crush. I love Blackpink's outfits. My favourite brand is Vivienne Westwood.


Kira: What do you think is the most trending item now?

Momo: I don't follow trends lol. I only focus on what I like!


Kira: You mentioned in your post that you are tall. Can you give any advice on outfits for tall Kawaii people like you?

Momo: To be honest, I think people should just wear whatever they LOVE! Don't let the clothes wear you; YOU wear the clothes! It really doesn't matter whether you are tall, petite, or curvy. There's no right or wrong answer. You are you, you are just different.


Kira: What is your favorite color? Why?

Momo: Can you tell it's PINK? :3 It just makes me feel precious. When I was younger, I remember I used to have everything pink. Notebook, pen, phone, headphones, I don’t even care about the function, if there’s a pink option, that’s what I will buy! And my classmates used to laugh at me a lot, but it never bothered me lol. Eventually, when they see something pink, they will tell me. And my birthday gifts were like a pile of pink vomit.


Kira: The color of your feed seems to be pure and lovely overall. Do you have any special apps or technologies that you use?  

Momo:  I use a lot of different apps, but I always stick with one filter. I also edit on Procreate!


Kira: Your profile consists of cute stuff and anime merch. What made you interested in such things?

Momo: I watch anime when I was a kid, so I am always familiar with anime. I only just got back to it at the beginning of the lockdown. I was a bit depressed, and I believe a lot of people were, so I wanted to shift my attention to something light and enjoyable. I love art and illustration, so manga books and anime to me are so enjoyable.

(It’s my first time wearing this sailor uniform, I feel so self conscious)


Kira: You have many collections of anime figures. Which one is your favorite and why? (Is there a special story?)

Momo:  I don't have a favourite, I love how they look together. I really love the Rem and Ram Nendoroid and the fact that they can hold hands. I know a lot of people dislike them due to the complications, but I love that you can recreate the scene or classic pose/expression from the anime. It is so much fun!


Kira: What kinds of games do you play?

Momo:  I love thriller games like Oxenfree and adventure RPG games such as Persona and Legend of Zelda.


Kira: You do a lot of unboxing content, and you even opened your Youtube channel recently! Do you have plans to explore more in terms of content creation?

Momo:  Yes definitely. I’m currently studying part-time to get my Master's degree in Illustration. I just started an art page @momoapril_art. I love doing mixed media editing, combining photos with illustrations. That is something I would love to do in the future!


(I love looking at kawaii girls, but somehow I feel like it doesn’t suit me well. Bcs I’m a 5’10”(180cm) giant😞 anyways, I’m happy I finally did this shoot🥰)


Kira: What items do you recommend to Kawaii fans for their upcoming Autumn/Winter season? Can you pick from our store?

Momo:  They are cute but badass. Cute but also sexy. I love that they are all black, so you can carry a pink or bright color bag to go with them!


(See Momo's outfit)


Kira: We are so happy to collaborate with you! Do you have any standards or criteria when deciding who to collaborate with? And what was your Kirakiraworld impression?

Momo: I only collaborate with brands I find interesting. My first impression of KiraKira World was the variety of fashion styles you have!


Kira: You have such a lot of followers! How were you able to garner that many fans? Are there any tips you can give to aspiring influencers?

Momo:  A lot of people asked me this question. I think the key is to know who you are, and everything on your page should be a representation of you. Who are you? What are you passionate about? What are you trying to show people? These were the questions I asked myself when I started this page, although I never thought it would gain so many followers. Slowly you will be able to build an audience who likes similar stuff. Also, remember to make friends, and support each other! The kawaii/anime community is very supportive!


Kira: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and followers?

Momo:  I don’t know what else to say except THANK YOU. This account is like ME in a page, it represents everything I love and am passionate about. And being able to have people here who love what I love - that is the best. As an adult, I used to feel ashamed to show people this side of me. I was worried people would think I was immature, but as I grew older, I realized that pursuing what you love and being your authentic self is the most mature thing you can do. So if you are reading this, my lovelies, always be true to yourself. Be YOU, unapologetically.


"as I grew older, I realized that pursuing what you love and being your authentic self is the most mature thing you can do"


The Wrap-Up

Our conversation with MOMO highlighted the importance of staying true to yourself, no matter what time of year it is, and how doing so can lead to incredible things. To complement your need for self-expression this fall season, our cute and cozy hoodies are the perfect addition to your closet, as they boast superior aesthetics and functionality.

Want to explore more of MOMO’s original content? Check out her links below and send her love from her Kirakira World fans. Additionally, shop Kirakira World to secure your own comfy hoodie and prepare for your style and sense of self to fall into place like autumn leaves falling from the sky.






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