We’re in the final month of summer and the heat is just too much to bear! Isn’t it frustrating?! For sure the season will make you overthink how to keep your OOTDs on point and stay refreshed throughout the day! Luckily, you won’t have to worry about these things if you are one of our Kira customers! When it comes to the summer season, we have always pictured that vibrant colors are more suitable for it. Our Kirakira Boxes

will surely help you with your summer outfits and you will definitely stay kawaii all throughout the summer season with the help of Kirakira World. However, an outfit is not complete without accessories but fortunately, you can still keep your kawaii look and stay composed throughout the day with our kawaii summer accessories!

What are your must-haves this summer season to slay your kawaii fit? Stay colorful and wonderful with these product recommendations:

  • Boost your confidence by staying sweat-free all day long and keep that summer look long-lasting so you can feel energized and be the life of the party! This portable air cooler is also great for sharing as it has a strong wind effect that will surely preserve your and your friend’s look throughout the day. No better way to rock that kawaii look than staying sweat-free all day with the help of your own kawaii air cooler! It also has a quiet and soothing night light which makes this portable air cooler useful day and night.

  • Led Bluetooth Mic with Earphones
  • Remember, less is more! Toss away that wired earphones and evade the hassle of tangled wires while listening to your playlist! The cat ear paw design will make you look kawaii while you’re walking and feel brighter because of the LED design! You will definitely feel comfortable while wearing this product as you listen to your favorite music or while conversing with your favorite person in the entire universe. Walk and talk and never mind the heat, girl! Rock on!

  • Kawaii water bottles
  • Our water bottle collection will surely match your style every day. Feel that energy surging within you as you stay hydrated and energized with the use of our kawaii water bottles! It is definitely a must-have as you will have to chug lots of water this summer season, so toss that plain and boring water bottle and stay unique by replacing it with our adorable ones! Drinking beverages has never been so fun, whether it’s coffee, juice, milk tea, water, or soft drinks you are drinking, we have the best design for you! Some even come with a built-in straw which will help reduce plastic waste so help mother Earth by using washable ones while still keeping that kawaii style.

  • Temporary tattoos
  • Browse our temporary tattoos collection and sprinkle creativity onto your skin! You will definitely stand out with our designs as we have both colorful and glow-in-the-dark tattoos. Empower yourself by doing art on your skin and enhancing your kawaii look by getting inked Each design has a unique style so cop yours now and brag about that body! We also have minimalistic, symbolic, and black and white tattoos available in our shop. It’s safe for kids and you can also do a matching tattoo with your best friend or your soulmate! What a fun and creative way to keep everyone entertained during summer.

  • Jewelry
  • Be a head-turner with our jewelry collection! Whatever your style is, our collection surely has something for you and we will help you discover the best jewelry that will match your outfit. We can guarantee that all of our products will add cuteness to every style! Embrace the look and discover which one will make you feel more kawaii. With a wide variety of colors and designs, you will easily match your outfit regardless of the agenda you have for that day. Need chokers? Necklaces? Earrings? Belts? Chains? Just scroll through our collection and we are sure you will find something that will catch your attention.

  • Hats and Hair Accessories
  • Had enough with your sticky hair? Protect it from the sun and avoid the damage! Our kawaii hats will help you keep your hair protected from the heat while still preserving that kawaii look of yours. Our hats are perfect and suitable for all seasons and are also perfect as a gift! Our hair pins and headbands will surely keep the baby hairs away from your face, and if you need to tie your hair up, do it the kawaii way with our hair ties! One of our favorite hair accessories is our Ancient Style Glow Pavilion Pendant Hair Stick,

    which is unique, kawaii, and eye-catching! With a wide variety of accessories, we are confident that you will look even better this summer weather. Be a head-turner and explore your style and let Kirakira World be your match.


    Summer shouldn’t even be a problem and it should not affect your outfits. With Kirakira World, we aim to help you with your style which could be a daily problem or something you occasionally worry about. Our recommendations will surely help you get by the whole season so shop the book and flex the look! We look forward to seeing your summer style!

    August 11, 2022 — Angelane Cervantes

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