Step into Kawaii fashion and style our Retro Plaid Dress and Long Sleeve Blouse with our Japanese Uniform Bow Tie. The dress has a stunning fit, and the blouse elevates the whole look with its flattering collars and sleeves. Add a pop of color with our Brown Simple Crossbody Shoulder Bag to also add definition and depth to the otherwise casual look. Finish off the look with our College Style Solid Color Loose Socks and wear them with Strap Buckle Round Toe High-Quality Mary Janes Shoes. The subtle detail of this look is what makes it incredibly fashionable to pull off!


  • Retro Plaid Dresses / Long Sleeve Blouse
  • Solid Color Simple Crossbody Shoulder Bag -Saddle Brown
  • Japanese Uniform Bow Tie / Bowknot -Pink
  • 5 Pairs College Style Solid Color Loose Socks
  • Strap Buckle Round Toe High quality Mary Janes Shoes -Maroon

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July 06, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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