Our Fairy Strap White Off-Shoulder Dress is of the cutest pieces out there for you to style! Pair this with our Lolita Lace Mesh Over-Knee Stockings to make the look sexy. The dress makes for a classic and breezy Kawaii look and elevates the aura when paired with Vintage Round Toe Star Chain Platform Boots, adding a sultry touch to a simple set. We take pride in our unique creations and our Hollow Love Heart Choker Necklace is one of the dazzling pieces to style with this one! Complete the look with Sailor Moon Cat Luna Earrings and The Lavender Forest Blue-Eyed Teddy Bear Princess Plush Bag for a princess look!


  • Fairy Strap White Off Shoulder Dress 
  • [ORIGINAL HANDMADE PLUSH BAG] The Lavender Forest Blue-eyed Teddy Bear Princess
  • Lolita Lace Mesh Over-knee Stockings -Black (Over-knee) -
  • Hollow Love Heart Choker Necklace- Silver
  • Sailor Moon Cat Luna Earrings -Pearl Lavender
  • Vintage Round Toe Star Chain Platform Boots

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July 12, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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