Want to look cute and hot at the same time? Then this would be the perfect outfit for you. Look at this puppy bunny kawaii velvet pajamas set. Wear this soft sexy bunny off-shoulder hoodie over it. These bow bat wings chain pink strap buckle high-top sneakers that would just look so adorable. As for the bag get yourself one of this cute kitty plush crossbody bag. Finally, to finish off the outfit on a good note wear this love heart punk leather choker that should give you a hot girl look. This would be a perfect outfit for a date night at home


  • Soft Sexy Bunny Off Shoulder Hoodie
  • Puppy Bunny Kawaii Velvet Pajamas Set - White
  • 3D Cute Cat Paw Pad Thigh High Socks - White + Pink
  • Cute Kitty Plush Crossbody Bag - White
  • Love Heart Punk Leather Choker - Pink
  • Bow Bat Wings Chain Pink Strap Buckle High Top Sneakers - White

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March 15, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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