If you’ve ever watched a tv series or movie and found yourself connecting with one of the characters, you likely thought about how much fun it would be to become them - even for just a day.

Social media personality Anel Shim shared that dream and made it a reality. An avid fan of anime, Anel delights in dressing up as her favorite characters, experimenting with eye-catching makeup looks, colorful wigs, and fun costumes to become another person entirely.


Now let's dive in!


We spoke to Anel about how she built a large social media fanbase by posting her cosplay looks on various platforms for her followers to see. Keep scrolling for an insight into her process and gain some inspiration!



Kira: The Christmas season is here! How are you celebrating the holiday? And can you tell us about the best memory you have of Christmas?

Anel: I love Christmas very much, but lately, I like to celebrate it at home and eat something yummy ^^


Kira: Your IG account used to be your personal account and eventually evolved into a cosplay content creator with a lot of followers! Can you tell us what was your inspiration to become a content creator at such a young age? 

Anel: I have always loved anime, and at one moment, I realized that I could try to become this character myself


KiraYou have so many followers! How do you feel when people recognize you when you go out? 

Anel: I am very pleased if people recognize me.


KiraAs an anime lover, there must be a character that you feel very attached to and triggers your emotion. Could you please describe? For example, I describe myself as a lonely elf in the garden. 

Anel: My favorite character is Ganyu!!! I feel that we are very similar😍


-A painting only for Anel-

Shim Anel's animated character -PICTURE BY Kira x novelAl


KiraEven before you posted cosplay photos, you seemed to enjoy changing the color of your hair! Can you tell what is your favorite color and why? 

Anel: Yes, I loved changing my hair color. Then I switched to wigs, and now I love my hair color 💗


KiraAs a famous content creator, we know that there are times when you feel burnout and unmotivated. How do you overcome this, and how do you take care of yourself? 

Anel: Now it’s just such a moment, and I feel bad at such moments, but I’m trying to be inspired by art or other creators.-


KiraWhat do you think is the most important part of cosplay? 

Anel: I think it's a wig and lenses ^_^


KiraYou have such fair and good skin! Can you share some tips with our audience on how to take care of their skin? 

Anel: I have very problematic skin but good hair :( I advise you to choose good skin care, especially retinol.


KiraYou are Korean, but the captions in your posts are mainly Russian. Can you tell what is the story behind that? 

Anel: Haha, yes, I'm Korean, but I lived in Kazakhstan for a long time, so I know Russian well ^_^


KiraBeing a famous social media personality, you will get to know a lot of people. Did you make new friends with the same interests as you? 

Anel: Awwww sure !! now I have a lot of friends in tg ^^


Kira:  Could you please tell us about your styling tips for the winter from our store and some explanation? 

Anel: I chose a style more suitable for winter and New Year's style, I think it looks very cute ^^


(Click to see Shim Anel's Kirabox #1)


Kira:  What other things that you want to explore in the future? 

Anel: I would like to become a streamer and open my own coffee shop ^^


KiraWhat is your message to all your supporters? 

Anel: I love you all, you give me a lot of support and inspiration, without you all, I would go out !!!!



As we enter the new year, we’re all about encouraging everyone to be themselves - even if that is cosplaying as your favorite characters!


"I love you all, you give me a lot of support and inspiration"


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January 16, 2023 — Mylene Mymy

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