As the days quickly get colder, we become more excited by the arrival of cozy season. To help us celebrate the season of hot drinks, roasted marshmallows, and cute, comfy Kirakira World hoodies, we’re chatting with content creator Sueptime, who quickly grew a following on various social media platforms by showcasing her skills and keeping her finger on the pulse of ever-changing trends.


 Now let's dive in!


Known for her comedy routines and acting performances, Sueptime finds fulfillment in connecting with her audience and demonstrating that there’s room for women in any space. So, bundle up in your cozy hoodie and keep scrolling to learn more about her content as well as her signature style, which is sure to inspire your own.

(One of my headshot that I use for my Acting gigs! This one is what I usually submit for my improv and sketch comedy auditions )


Kira: Are you excited about Halloween? What do you usually do, and what’s your plan for this year?

Sueptime: I am! I am rather introverted when I'm not with other weebs and gamers, so usually, I just go to small gatherings, but it's a great chance to cosplay! It's also a great way to celebrate wearing WHATEVER YOU WANT -- so if you've been dying to dress Harajuku or ever wear a gothic gown, you can always find an excuse during Halloween to put it on :)


Kira: What type of content do you get the most likes and comments?

Sueptime: I get the most likes and comments when I do more generally funny humor! I cater a lot to niches like League of Legends, Valorant, and Anime, but when I make content that is funny to people from all walks of life, it tends to do best. But it's also satisfying to feel like I have a community, so sometimes I just post to connect with a specific niche or even to have fun! Since my career is in the arts, I can put a lot of pressure on myself to write genius short-form content every day -- but sometimes it's just nice to write what I feel is funny at that moment -- and people often respond well to content that makes me happy!


(Got signed with Ford Models & got to attend one of their events at my favorite PC bang in NY! I probably spent too much time playing League that night 🥲)


Kira: What do you think is the most trending item now?

Sueptime: Youtube shorts are growing a lot! Definitely, hopping onto Youtube Shorts and Youtube Streaming will be a great move for content creators. Cocomelon-style content is also doing well: it’s colorful, moves fast, and has a great hook. You don't have to be particularly skilled at comedy or content creation if you can just make sure viewers don't get bored while watching you.


Kira:  What's your favorite fashion style?

Sueptime: My favorite style is chill egirl! A lot of clothes people associate with egirls are "rave/alt fashion," but I just like dressing in pastel clothes that convey both my girly side and my artistic, fun side. The set that I built is ABSOLUTELY perfect for that. It is composed enough that I could wear it to an interview but fun enough that it would get compliments on my videos and live streams! 


(I’ve been known on Tiktok “the girl who looks like Lux from League of Legends” — So I decided to cosplay her concept bunny skin! I’m at around 450K mastery points on her at them moment 🙃)


Kira:  Do you have any memorable Halloween memories? Can you share it with us?

Sueptime: One of my favorite Halloween memories was when I dressed as the Spongebob character Girly Teengirl from Farawayville, and my boyfriend dressed up as Spongebob! I had recently had a terrible burn on my arm and knew it was going to take at least a year for my scars to fade, so feeling cute was particularly important. My boyfriend and I had also started a tradition called "Chocky and Bobby" when we drank chocolate milk and watched Spongebob to de-stress. Getting to feel cute and dress up as a character from a show that had been bringing me much joy and comfort felt great!


Kira: Tell us what are your contents about. What are you trying to express through your content? What’s your main focus?

Sueptime: To prove that women can be funny and to improve my skills. Social media helps me keep my brain sharp, and even though a lot of the content I put out isn't the best that I can do -- simply because social media demands that you move so fast -- it's a great way for me to sharpen my acting, comedy, and film skills. Every single day I have to churn out content, which is really only expected of late-night or TV writers -- and I get feedback immediately from viewers on how to improve. It's like a neverending bootcamp! It's hard to take all the criticism from bitter people on the internet, but if I focus on filtering out the negative and just keeping the useful advice, then I will become a better performer and writer daily :)


(This is my dramatic headshot! I just finished working with a Shakespeare company in Vermont and this is the headshot I submitted )


Kira:  You can sing, dance, act, etc. Are there any other hidden talents you have?

Sueptime: YES! I recently graduated from New York University with a degree in Musical Theatre and a full-ride scholarship! Other than doing social media, I also perform at Batsu! A Japanese Improv Comedy show in New York City! I really love content creation because I get to apply my writing, comedy, acting, film, editing, and producing training all in one place!


Kira: You have such a lot of followers! How were you able to garner that many fans? Are there any tips you can give to aspiring influencers?

Sueptime: Yes! Train in what you value. Being an "influencer" should not be about being a pretty girl or about being conversationally funny. It's a medium just like film and television, where you can showcase your work. Therefore, honing your skills is just as important as putting out content regularly :) Also, pay attention to all platforms! For a while, Snapchat was a great place to have your reels, then Tiktok, and now Instagram and Youtube are growing. Figure out the place where your type of content does best and hone in on how to improve it based on that.


(Cozying up with my Snorlax hoodie! Every winter it’s time to cozy up with a cute hoodie and play Pokemon emulators )


Kira: Are there any other fashion style you would like to try and explore?

Sueptime: YES! I would love to figure out how to dress better during the winter! I love my dresses and sporty sets, but sometimes I struggle with layering in a fashionable way (plus I'm ALWAYS cold). I'm excited to try my super cozy, warm, and fashionable hoodie this winter!


Kira:  We are so happy to collaborate with you! Do you have any standards or criteria when you are deciding who to collaborate with? And what was your Kirakiraworld impression?

Sueptime: YES YES, and YES. I always look at what values a company is promoting and whether I absolutely adore their product. With Kirakira, I reached out because I kept seeing girls on Instagram wear your pieces, and I was in love. I literally want to get every single item from Kirakira because they are all so unique and fun -- I actually have to control myself otherwise, I will buy the entire store haha.


I’m also a dancer so I love cute, weeby active sets that I can dance in 🙂 I’m mostly a ballet dancer but I’ve been getting in K-pop)


Kira: Who are your followers? Age? Male or Female? Do you communicate with them often?

Sueptime: I have a lot of people from all genders around 15-30 that follow me! As long as you're a gamer or weeb and into heightened comedy, you'll enjoy my content :) I stream on Twitch, so a lot of my followers from other social media find me there, where we chat and game together!  It's a great way to build a real connection with my followers. I honestly don't think of myself as an influencer, more as a short film creator, so interacting with followers is more like interacting with friends than with fans :)


Kira: What items do you recommend to Kawaii fans for the upcoming Cozy Season? Can you pick one from our store?

Sueptime: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the animal hoodies. The material is super warm, cozy, and soft. I have never seen anything like it! And the bear pouch works perfectly for my phone and wallet! I am also obsessed with the retro plaid dress. It channels my studious side, as well as my cute and sweet side. I am also a big fan of long socks, mainly in the Fall/Winter, and I actually did not own a nice pair of oxfords until now! They are truly a must-have for every wardrobe. I love clothes that are delicate but not overtly feminine -- and this set captivates the strong but wholesome Sueptime perfectly.


See Sueptime's Kirabox


Kira: Is there anything that you want to say to your fans and followers?

Sueptime: Thank you for all your support! To the real goated friends who cheer me on whether my numbers are high or low that week: I see you, and I love you! But everyone who supports my efforts on social media is truly a gem, and I'm truly thankful for your care.


" To the real goated friends who cheer me on whether my numbers are high or low that week: I see you, and I love you!"


As our conversation with Sueptime demonstrates, putting 100% effort into the things you love is sure to pay off. Whether you’re passionate about acting, writing, or fashion, remember to embrace and improve your skills. Knowing that you’re expressing your most authentic self and fulfilling your purpose will make this cozy season even more of a treat.

Want to explore more of Sueptime's content? Check out her links below and send her love from her Kirakira World fans! Additionally, shop Kirakira World to secure your own super-soft, snuggly sweater and brave the cold weather in style.






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