Step into the classic Kawaii style and feel like a princess dancing about in our Kawaii Lolita White Princess Dress. Add a statement to the look with our Japanese Uniform Bow Tie for a pop of color. To complement the flow of the dress, slide on our Lolita Lace Mesh Stockings. To let the stockings stand out, pair them with our Maroon Strap Buckle Mary Jane Shoes. Accessorize minimally with our Snowflake Dressed Rabbit Bag, a beautiful bag to style. Add on our Anime Angel Wings Hairpins to flatter the hair look and you’ll be all set to slay. 


  • Kawaii Lolita White Princess Dress
  • Japanese Uniform Bow Tie / Bowknot -Pink
  • [ORIGINAL HANDMADE PLUSH BAG] Snowflake Dressed Rabbit -Pink
  • Anime Angel Wings Hair Hairpins 
  • Lolita Lace Mesh Over-knee Stockings - White (Knee)
  • Strap Buckle Round Toe High quality Mary Janes Shoes - Maroon

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June 13, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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