If you’re looking to get in line with E Girl fashion, this Anime Graphic Split Sleeves T Shirt is a stunning start. The details on the shirt are subtle and true to Kawaii's style. Pair this loose tee with our Pleated High Waisted Skirt and Gamer Aesthetic Kawaii Backpack to compliment the outfit, a piece you won’t likely find everywhere. Add on our Punk Leather Choker for more details. In winters, slide into our Harajuku Leg Warmer Socks and wear them with our Casual Mesh Chunky Sneakers, a trendy pick that everyone must own!


  • E Girl Anime Graphic Split Sleeves T Shirts
  • Pleated High Waist Sherbet Mini Skirt
  • Punk Leather Choker Set of 4
  • Harajuku Leg Warmer Socks
  • Gamer Aesthetic Kawaii Backpack
  • Casual Mesh Chunky Sneakers

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June 15, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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