When in doubt, go for black without a second thought! Out Cat Ear Off Shoulder Crop Top Hoodie is a statement piece with its cat-eared hood and string details at the shoulder, showing off some skin and adding a sultry touch to the look. Pair the hoodie with our Plaid Mini Skirt that hugs you around the waist to make for a dashing piece. Wear our Lolita Strap Over Knee Socks with their stringy details that flatter the leg and add our Mary Jane Buckle Shoes to let the socks do the talking. Pair it with our Elegant Goth Chain Crossbody Handbag, made finely out of leather, and finish it off with a choker.


  • Cat Ear Off Shoulder Crop Top Hoodie
  • High Waist Plaid Mini Skirt - Black
  • Punk Leather Choker Set of 4
  • Elegant Goth Chain Crossbody Velvet Handbag - Black
  • Lolita Strap Over Knee Socks - Black
  • High Quality Goth Lolita Strap Buckle Mary Janes - Low ankle

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April 20, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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