Get in line with comfortable Kawaii fashion by picking our gorgeous Gothic Anime Girl Hoodie that stands as a stunner with its statement-making details. Pair the baggy hoodie with our Dark Cherry Plaid Jk School Uniform Skirt, a staple piece you must have! This one’s all about drama and so, pop on our Goth Bloody Rabbit Plush Keychain with your Kawaii Rabbit Backpack for a dramatic look that is perfectly in line with Gothic fashion. Finish off with our College Style Knee High Socks to flatter your legs and pair them with our Cyber Babydoll Chunky Sneakers to balance the goth! 


  • Gothic Anime Girl Hoodie - Black
  • Dark Cherry Plaid Jk School Uniform Sleeve Set -Only Skirt
  • Goth Bloody Rabbit Plush Keychain 
  • 4 Pcs Sets Kawaii Rabbit School Backpack - Black
  • Cyber Babydoll Chunky Sneakers - Black
  • College Style Knee High JK Socks - Deep Pink

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May 12, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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