Boo! Are you excited about Halloween? Get your costumes on as it is just around the corner! This year’s Halloween is made extra special by our featured influencer; a 21-year-old Ukrainian residing in Germany with over 32.7K followers on Instagram! If you are into goth and dark fashion, Kristina is definitely the influencer you’ll want to see on your feed. She may look sweet and innocent but she is surely into punk and hardcore! We are fortunate to be able to interview Kristina despite her huge fanbase and this just shows how sweet and approachable this gothic lover is! We specifically featured Kristina for this Halloween-themed blog as her fashion style is definitely the best fit.



Want to know what to wear this Halloween and get to know more about Kristina? Read here:

Kira: Are you excited about Halloween? What do you usually do and what’s your plan for this year?

Kristina: I am! I really love this time of the year. I am always eating something tasty that looks creepy and it’s really fun!  Unfortunately every year, I am also busy with my university and I don’t have time to go to the park where everyone celebrates Halloween. Hopefully, I get to celebrate with them next time!

(I only combined a wig and a school uniform.❤️)

Kira: Do you have any memorable Halloween memories? Can you share it with us?

KristinaOf course! 10 years ago my mom gave me a hamster on the exact day of Halloween. It was memorable because I always wanted to have a hamster even though I already had a cat, but my mother didn’t allow it, I remember even taking a wounded mouse from the field and caring for it like a hamster, but the cat eventually ate it 😿 I cried for a long time and my mother suddenly brought a hamster along with a cage and everything for him exactly on the day of Halloween! I loved that hamster very much, after him, I had other hamsters but the last one died of old age.

KiraWe've noticed that you've done cosplaying. Who's your favorite anime character and why?

KristinaEdward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. He was the first anime character that I loved and after that, I started to love watching anime. Edward was really so cool that he won't cry and tried his best for his brother, so until now he is still my top favorite among everyone!

(My favorite cosplay, everything is perfect in it! A combination of cuteness, sexy, and a little gothic, as well as cat ears, what could be better? Only it's Airi and she's a fox❤️)

Why did you choose our product OFF-SHOULDER LONG SLEEVE GOTHIC DRESS to giveaway to your followers? What did you like about it?

KristinaIt caught my attention because the color is classic and can be for all events such as casual dates, a walk in the park, eating out in restaurants and etc. I like both styles though, goth and kawaii, so it was a tough choice to choose the product!

KiraYou seem to love using black as your background for most photos. Is there any reason behind this?

KristinaWell, yes. I needed a background so I picked one that is similar to my style. I didn’t have my own house and I couldn’t decorate my room the way I wanted it to look. I didn’t have an option so I started using black which also accentuates my makeup and cosplays. Right now I am living in Germany and I am not sure how long I will be here so I can only use black and white as a background. Hopefully, soon, I can build my own house where I can do what I want with it and have my own background.

 (I really like to wear a clip on the lip and create a gothic look by adding a smokey eyes❤️)

Your fashion seems to focus more on dark mood fashion, how did you get into this fashion, and what’s your emotion behind it?

KristinaIt started when I had some personal problems involving the most important people in my life. When I started taking photos it was like a mirror to me and that’s the beginning of me liking dark, horror, blood and etc, but it’s been already 2 years and now I somehow started to learn to like something cute such as toys, dolls, hoodies with ears and etc. I'm trying to find some cute clothes as a start, but in my store, they don't have any. 

(In my plans to cosplay on sailor moon its official version, but for now only a small twist of it, although initially I only combined a wig and a school uniform.❤️)


KiraYour early Instagram posts were different from your fashion style now. What inspired the transition?

KristinaIt’s because of what I watched on YouTube! The ones creating miniature videos, I think that’s when I started to love the kawaii culture. I now also like cute and kawaii style, that’s why I’m doing both gothic and cute pics for cosplay and etc.

(My very first "wig" was made of black threads and I thought that this color did not suit me because of my white skin, but my opinion changed after a while when the first wig appeared.❤️)


KiraHow would you define your kawaii fashion? What is it you most care about in your style?  

KristinaFor 16 years, I was afraid of wearing skirts and dresses, but after using Instagram I eventually liked it. At first, I did it only at home when I take my own photos, but now I am comfortable with wearing it outside! Also, I like doing miniature animals and little dolls from clay (my first collection was with fluffy + clay) Doing all of it is so cute and I am trying to do better. Maybe one day I will open my shop with it. I did oaks dolls: new makeup dolls, new hair, new dress and etc, it also was in cute style. 

KiraAs a true kawaii fan, what do you think it means to be kawaii?

KristinaPeople who use kawaii cute makeup and clothes. Also, the ones that have more cute toys and sweet dolls.

(This bunny has become one of my favorite toys. I really love bunnies and cats, they are very cute, although now I started to like ducks too❤️)

KiraWe are so happy to collaborate with you! Do you have any standards or criteria when you are deciding who to collaborate with? And what was your Kirakira World impression?

KristinaThe first time I saw Kirakira World, I was hesitant and afraid to write and ask about collaboration because I think I won’t be able to do something good for this store. I thought I can’t drive a lot of followers for them and felt bad that maybe my style is not for them, and that I can’t deliver high-quality pictures and videos. Still, I sent a message and I already expected that they won’t reply, but I was in shock when they agreed to my offer! About criteria: I don't choose stores with lewd items because I'm so shy about this and can't do pics in underwear or something 18+. My mom told me that it’s normal because bikinis and swimsuits are normal, but I am still afraid…

KiraYour nails are attention-grabbing! How did you manage to take care of them and keep them that long? Are there any tips you can give us?

KristinaI don't use anything on them! No cream, no something, no special water or oil. I just try my best not to break it, but sometimes it does! I have allergies right now that’s why I don't use nail polish, but before I had it and my nails no longer break.

(My mom didn't let me have long nails until I was 16, so now I've grown even longer! But I'm happy with it❤️)


KiraWhat items do you recommend to Kawaii fans for their upcoming Halloween style? Can you pick one from our store? (dress, shoes, dolls, etc.) we will create a coordination box just for you.

KristinaI believe that if it is impossible to get along with one style: kawaii or gothic, then it is better to combine them! The platform boots are a perfect match for the fishnet stockings, which shows your sexuality and at the same time the beauty of your legs. A white skirt is a classic color and looks great with the fox ears tail headband which will give people the idea of what you are cosplaying this Halloween! The pink hooded sweatshirt is the highlight of this look, creating a cute and delicate look. It is diluted with a black gothic choker and is ideal in style with shoes and tights for a girl in character. A black backpack with a cute design looks just as cool because it is combining two different styles and it is also very roomy and comfortable.

(See Kristina's Kirabox)


KiraIs there anything that you want to say to your fans and followers? 

KristinaI'm so glad to meet my followers because they are all so good and kind to me! When the war started, everyone tried to help me, wrote good messages and waited for when I will do cosplaying again and etc. Also, they were worried about how I felt, my mom's, my cats' health, etc! It’s really important for me when I know my followers believe and wait for me! After that, of course, I wanted to do better content; better than I was a month ago and I'm so happy that they love my work.


This interview with Kristina just showed and proved why people should not be quick to judge! The ones who love goth and are into dark fashion are the sweetest ones that we know. We hope you loved Kristina’s coordination style and recommendations for Halloween! Trust the fashion of a true goth princess and for sure you are on the right track this Halloween. We are rooting for Kristina, especially after her answers in our interview! Truly a sweet and kawaii girl inside and out! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we do and let us see your Halloween costumes by tagging us on Instagram!




August 23, 2022 — Angelane Cervantes

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