Looking for a package to ace a gothic look? Try our Off-Shoulder Long Sleeve Gothic Dress, and pair it with the Japanese letters JK Pantyhose. The deal includes Punk Cross Chain Platform Boots, among the most admirable boots you will ever discover for your Gothic ensemble. This dress contributes to the dark antiquated appearance. It enhances the dress when matched with Punk Leather Choker and Pastel Goth Purple Halloween Earrings, all of which are adjustable and will add value to your outfit. Do not pass up the Kawai Love Dark Crossbody Bag if you want to wear the Gothic appearance in elegance.


  • Off-Shoulder Long Sleeve Gothic Dress
  • Japanese letters JK Pantynose - Black
  • Punk Cross Chain Platform Boots - Black
  • Punk Leather Choker
  • Pastel Goth Purple Halloween Earrings- Poison
  • Dark Crossbody Bag- Black

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July 21, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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