1pc Mythical Twilight Dark Fairy Feather Clip Earring

R$ 214,00 R$ 324,00

💜 In a mystical forest, where the moonlight filters through the leaves and the fairies dance in the shadows, there lives a magical creature with feathers as black as the night. These Mythical Twilight Dark Fairy Feather Ear Clips are adorned with the feathers of this enchanted creature, imbued with the power of the twilight. Made of blackened silver and shimmering with an otherworldly glow, they clip onto the ear with ease, granting their wearer the ability to harness the power of the twilight and journey into the realm of fairies. Are you ready to embrace the magic of the twilight and dance with the fairies? Then adorn your ears with these enchanting ear clips and let the journey begin.

  • Product ID: DF6771
  • Material:  S925 silver needle, Alloy,
  • Lengthabout 1.57" /4cm
  • Weight: about 4.5g
  • Item Type: Clip Earring
  • Color: Twilight Black