Spooky season is officially upon us, and with it comes the most challenging part - deciding what to dress up as.

Finding Halloween costume ideas for women is no easy feat. But, if you’re at a loss for costume ideas for Halloween 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we offer a wide variety of Halloween costume ideas that are sure to lift your spirits (or conjure some scary ones!).  

Halloween Pumpkin Cosplay Maid Dress

If you really want to showcase your Halloween spirit, this is the costume for you. This maid-inspired costume features a plum-colored dress, an orange collar, and a matching apron decorated with spooky bats. It also includes a garter that allows you to subtly embrace your wild side, making it perfect for those who want to toe the line between sweet and sexy.

Kawaii Anime Cosplay Pink Fair Dress

For those who want to embrace their most feminine self, be sure to include this one in your outfit lineup for Halloween weekend. The corset-style bodice cinches your waist and hugs your curves for a super-sexy look you’ll want to wear all the time. Meanwhile, the pink, frilly skirt maintains an adorable appearance that reflects your cute personality as you take on the role you were destined to play as the night fairy.

Anime Cosplay Costume Kimono Dress

Live out your fantasies as the main character in your favorite anime with this cute cosplay costume. It features a kimono-inspired dress with a bow detail to highlight your curves. The lace trim along the hem adds a subtly sexy element that perfectly balances the coverage up top. Choose from six different color variations. 

Japanese Kimono Cosplay Lingerie Dress

If you’re looking for an excuse to flaunt your stuff, Halloween is the best time to do it, and this Japanese Kimono Lingerie Dress is the best costume to do it in. Soft-to-touch fabric shapes this floral dress, allowing you to captivate everyone you encounter with your undeniable allure and luxurious flair. With this number, you can rest assured that you’ll win the “sexiest costume” title in every costume contest you enter.

Sakura Floral Kimono Cosplay Lingerie

Floral and flirty, this cosplay lingerie will conjure images of meeting your true love in a fragrant meadow, making it the perfect choice for making an impression this Halloween. High-quality material drapes over your body for a flattering, confidence-boosting silhouette. Pair it with the matching robe and belt for a chic, ready-for-bed look.  

Jk School Girl Uniform Costume

School is in session, and you’re writing the rules in this show-stopping schoolgirl uniform costume. It features an ultra-cropped button-up top and a pleated skirt that calls for dancing and twirling. Choose from 4 color variations to best match your style for the big day.

Uniform School Sailor Cosplay Lingerie Skirt Set

Looking for a hot and cute cosplay outfit? Look no further than this Uniform School Sailor Lingerie Set. It includes a cropped shirt, a plaid tie, and a matching plaid skirt. Pair it with knee-high socks for a quick, ultra-sexy costume.


Once you’ve found the perfect costume, it’s time to accessorize. These thigh-high socks feature padded pink paw details on the sole, allowing you to channel your inner feline on Halloween night. Plus, they’re available in grey, white, and black, so you can perfectly match them to your costume. 


Take luxury to new heights this season with this beautiful pavilion pendant hair stick. The vintage-inspired illuminated lantern drips with pearls and tassels, while the durable stick slides seamlessly into your updo, ensuring you light up every room you walk into.


Its claws out and fangs bared this Halloween. This cosplay set includes a fox-eared headband and a furry tail you can attach to complete your fun, foxy costume.


Now that you have ten cute costume ideas, you can say goodbye to wasting your time browsing through the near-empty aisles of overdone ideas at the Halloween costume store. At Kirakira World, you’re bound to find the costume that best suits you - or the you that you want to be.

September 23, 2022 — Angelane Cervantes

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