Summer has begun and the sun's heat is such a hassle regarding fashion! Heat affects our style and appearance as it will easily make you look sweaty, which is not “kawaii.” If you are into kawaii fashion, you can avoid wearing darker clothes in the meantime and express your kawaii self by wearing bright and lighter colors as well as pastel hues because darker colors help absorb heat more. If you are looking for a way how you can maintain your summer kawaii look without giving up your sense of fashion, Kirakira World just got the products that you will need! Cool off the hot summer with Kirakira World’s kawaii goods.


Below are some of our product recommendations that will surely help you fit the summer kawaii fashion.

1. Wear your Kawaii Slippers!

Escape the sneakers and wear your slippers! You can still look kawaii just by wearing slippers and choosing one from our collection. Our recommendations include our Cute Cloud Shape Slippers, which will make you look cute while wearing your OOTD. If you prefer adding a touch of gothic style to your outfit, Modern Graffiti Slides Sandals are just the perfect choice for you!

2. Stay hydrated with our cute Kawaii Bottles.

Want to look kawaii while drinking your iced coffee or hot chocolate? Our Kawaii Bear Glass Bottle is perfect for this! You can also use our Kawaii Plastic Tumbler for Coffee Juice Milk Tea which you can not only use for coffee or chocolate but for milk and milk teas as well! Staying hydrated has never been this fun and cool!

3. Get inked pain-free with our Temporary Tattoos.

Look cool with our temporary tattoos which are perfect for the summer season! We highly recommend our colorful tattoo stickers to help you look vibrant, especially while on the beach, or if you want a gothic style and cute style, our glow-in-the-dark tattoo is just what you need. It not only upgrades your style easily, but it is also easy to remove.  Not a fan of any of these? Our minimalist tattoos might just be the one for you.

4. Ditch the shirt, wear your camisole!

Feel more refreshed with our plaid-designed cropped camisole! Have a hard time styling this top? It also has its own Kirakira Box that already comes with a top, a skirt, a bag, socks, necklace, and boots! All you have to do is purchase it and wear it! So convenient, right? Browse our other Kirakira Boxes for more summer kawaii fashion ideas!

5. Look blooming like a flower with this crop top!

This cropped top is available in various colors, perfect for looking bright and colorful this summer season! The details are so gorgeous, especially the embroidered flower design as well as the knitted top itself!

6. Cool off with our portable handheld fan.

Stay refreshed with our portable handheld fan! Bring this everywhere you go to ease the heat and avoid sweat. It is available in three colors, perfect for matching the color of your outfits daily! This will surely complete your summer kawaii outfit.

These products will surely help you get by this summer season, and will help you stand out from the crowd! Radiate your fantastic vibes by purchasing any of these products but of course, we are not limiting your fashion style with just these recommendations. Go browse our products now for more outfit inspirations you can buy!



July 11, 2022 — Angelane Cervantes

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