As the new school year is starting, you might find yourself in constant excitement and anxiety. Our advice to everyone reading this is to enjoy your school years as you will miss them once you’ve already graduated, so make school memorable and make the most out of it by upgrading your school outfits! However, are you worried that your fits might be outdated or lacking in fashion style? Or are you running out of time to purchase clothes and build your wardrobe before school starts? Oh well, don’t fret and say no more as Kirakira World’s Kirakira Boxes are just the right answer! Complete with a top, a bottom, a bag, socks, shoes, and jewelry, you will never have to worry about what to wear again!

Here are our top recommendations for the sweet back-to-school girls:

  • Be a playful Japanese school girl.

  • Our JK School Girl Box #1 will help you look both unique and playful with this Kirakira Box! It is a Japanese-inspired school uniform set that we specifically tailored just for Kawaii fans. Why wear boring school socks when you can wear our Harajuku Leg Warmer Socks, right? The original box consists of black and white colored items but if you want other colors, you can choose what you prefer and still get that 30% discount! How cool is that, right?! Discount applies to all Kirakira Boxes by the way so get your own Kira Box now!


  • Wear magic and go classic!

  • The PASTEL GOTH BOX #25 is perfect for gothic-style lovers but still has that unicorn personality inside. It looks simple but gorgeous and flattering! It gives a soft look to everyone wearing it and the colors are just the perfect color combination for these items! This is truly one of the perfect picks for students who want fashionable wear.

  • Look and feel kawaii with this set.

  • You are going to love the PASTEL KAWAII BOX #20 if you want a pop of color! All items are perfect for the best OOTD style that is definitely Instagrammable! Have people ask where you got your coordinates by wearing this kawaii box and if you love music or are an introvert who hates the noisy crowd, good news, as the box comes with LED CAT EAR PAW BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES WITH MIC that will surely help you ease the chaos for a while. No better way to listen to music than by looking cute, right?


  • Go all black!

  • Want to accentuate or slim your figure? Or do you simply just want to impose power on others and convey the message that you’re a serious person? Our all-black set with our BLACK KAWAII BOX #18 will give you just that! Whatever the reason is why you want to dress in all-black, we are sure this box is perfect for everyone. The Lolita Rope Strap Socks are sure to increase your outfit’s appeal so go all-black now!


  • Cool and gothic.

    Feeling cold and is the air-conditioner in your classroom making everyone freeze? Give them the chills with our PASTEL GOTH BOX #29! Warm yourself with this set while still flaunting your goth fashion. The Cute Sweet Demon Printed Pullover will make your upper body warm while the Harajuku Leg Warmer Socks will do the work for the leg and down. Why wear jackets and ruin your outfit when there is a way to keep yourself warm, right?




  • Grunge and casual.

  • Have the look of both casual and cutie with the BLACK KAWAII BOX #27! This is another all-black kawaii set that we recommend for schoolgirls who likes the comfort of oversized shirts. Walk in confidence with this Kirakira Box and pair it with your favorite black lipstick. We are sure you will rock this style!


    The Kirakira Boxes are perfect for people who are having a hard time choosing their fits. You can get the styling idea from top to bottom as they are coordinated by Kirakira’s stylist!  The best part is if you really like the whole set, then you can get them all at a 30% discounted price!  We are sure you are excited to show off your new fits so upload it on Instagram and tag Kirakira World! We’ll be so happy to look at you slay the outfits.


    August 13, 2022 — Angelane Cervantes

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