If it’s the day you’ve decided to be princessy, this one will give you all the Rapunzel feels. The off-shoulder dress adds a sultry aura to the outfit while the ruffles on the borders accentuate the adorable nature of the look. The perfect way to style the dress is with our Lolita Lace mesh stockings that bedazzle the skin playfully. Accessorize the outfit with a butterfly choker necklace that adds a dazzling shine and perks up the look. When in doubt, add more lace! The lace-up high heel boots are ideal to wear with the dress. Add our Neko bell ear headband for a cute touch and our sailor moon bag for a fashionable element and you’re all set to roll!


  • Pastel Kawaii Sweet Blue Off Shoulder Dress
  • Lolita Lace Mesh Over-knee Stockings - White Over-knee
  • Hollow Butterfly Choker Necklace
  • Sailor Moon Crossbody Bag - White
  • Lace Buckle Lace-Up High Heel Boots - White
  • Luxurious Neko Bell Ear Headband - White

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April 04, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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