Our Dinosaur cartoon hooded sweater has got to be a favorite in this collection! The hood is imprinted with cute details and the cute Dino horns are a lovely feature of the hood. To go with the hood, our plush hat is yet another favorite to pair with, and the horns on which compliment our suede pleated skirt gorgeously. Hop into our lovable round platform sneakers and floral frilly socks to bring that cuteness up by a notch. Our spaciously admirable corduroy backpack goes perfectly well with the hues in the whole set and brings it all together as one stunning Dino set!


  • Dinosaur Cartoon Hooded Sweater - Pink
  • Cute Dinosaur Moving Plush Hat - White
  • Preppy Style Suede Pleated Skirt - Pink
  • Kawaii Bear Pin Corduroy Backpack - Pink
  • Flower Frilly Cute Socks - White
  • Cat Paw Kawaii Platform Round Toe Sneakers - Pink

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March 24, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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