Get in line with Kawaii fashion by picking our all-time favorite E-girl Split Sleeve Shoulder T-shirt. The split sleeve adds a sleek touch to the whole look with its elegant imprints. Pair this with another gorgeous piece, our Goth Lace Mesh Cake Skirt. The skirt is one of its kind with its flared layers that add a feminine aura to the outfit. This one’s all about statements and accessorizing! Choose our Fishnet Hollow Black Stockings to wear with our classic Chain Block Heel Platform Boots, a match that can never go wrong! Add on our Dark Punk Unicorn Crossbody Bag and Kitten Lace Bell Collar Choker to add to the extravagant apparel.


  • Y2k E-girl Split Sleeve with Shoulder Leather Strap T-Shirt
  • Goth Lace Mesh Cake Skirt
  • Kitten Lace Bell Collar Choker - Black
  • Dark Punk Unicorn Crossbody Bag - Black
  • Fishnet Hollow Black Stockings - L Mesh
  • Chain Block Heel Platform Boots

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April 25, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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