Kawaii Fox Embroidery Tassels Sweater is the most outstanding choice for party clothing since it provides a cozy feeling and keeps you warm during winter parties. When worn with our Pleated High Waist Sherbet Mini Skirt, tucking in the sweater will enhance your sense of fashion. Wear our Anime Cosplay Cross Ribbon over knee Socks while considering the weather. Our Fox Face Tassels Cosplay Mask - red tassel is a must-have for a complete party outfit because it will make you appear less formal. Additionally, you can walk in style with our Vintage Jk Japanese School PU Leather Flats Shoes and accessorize the outfit with our Teddy Bear Guardian of the Black Forest Plush Bag.


  • Fox Embroidery Tassels Sweater - Red
  • Pleated High Waist Sherbet Mini Skirt - Black
  • Anime Cosplay Cross Ribbon Over Knee Socks - Black
  • Fox Face Tassels Cosplay Mask - Red Tassel - 1
  • Vintage Jk Japanese School Pu Leather Flats Shoes - Black
  • [Original Handmade Plush Bag] Teddy Bear Guardian Of The Black Forest - Crimson

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August 19, 2022 — Mylene Mymy

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