What’s up, our Kira friends?! We are excited to reveal our second Kira star; Diana Karina Lopez! A 26-year-old Mexican with over 8,840 followers on Instagram. Diana is a very talented makeup artist who also builds her kawaii fashion and fun fact, she’s also a fashion designer! Isn’t she such an interesting individual? We are so grateful to have the chance to collaborate and interview Diana, as she’s also a lovely woman in and out! Diana is truly a fashion guru and if you love kawaii fashion, you should continue reading as Diana has a Kirakira Box just for you! Get to know more about Ms. Lopez as you continue reading.

Now let's dive into her!

(My favorite makeup in collaboration with rude cosmetics, the first makeup brand that I trust in my work as a MUA & Cosplay of my favorite artist and Musa Mélanie Martínez)


Below is how the interview with Karina went:

Kira: We've noticed that you are very skilled in doing different eyeliner styles on your Instagram posts and it’s one of the things people have a hard time learning. How do you come up with these ideas?

Diana: Sometimes I am inspired by the Western trends that are in each season, I combine those trends with some Asian makeup techniques💕 and to do this more easily, practice is very important, try it many times until it no longer costs you.


Kira: You have “kawaii girl” written in your Instagram bio. What sparked your interest in Japanese culture? How did you begin exploring kawaii fashion?

Diana: since I was little I have had a taste for kawaii things but it was at the end of high school that I began to be more interested in Asian culture and when I studied at the University during my fashion career I went deeper into the different styles of subcultures to create new designs although currently, I'm more focused on editorial makeup and Styling I always do it attached to my fascination with Asian trends and kawaii style💚

Kira: What do you think is the kawaii trend right now? And how do you stay up with the trends?

Diana: I think that currently it has been inspired a lot by the gothic or e-girl style, although I see that the Lolita trend is beginning to be added I think that in social networks it is easy to stay up to date, however many times I only see something that I like regardless of whether it is in trend or not and I use it, I think that aspect of fashion of creating things that are only used for a certain time or seasons It is one of the things that I like least.

Kira: Why did you choose our product Goth Lolita Puff Short Sleeve Black Dress to giveaway to your followers? What did you like about it?

Diana: Because I like to make a combination of various styles to wear and currently I am mostly influenced by lolita.

Kira: We saw that you visited both Disneyland and Hello Kitty cafe. Between a Disney land character and Hello Kitty, how do you think they are different and which one do you like more?

Diana: definitely my favorite is Hello Kitty I feel more connected to her since my childhood, even though Disney movies accompanied me during childhood too 💕 I think the difference would be that Disney is more focused on creating fantasy stories and Sanrio on cute things of everyday life.

(Having a nice time in one of my favorite places.)

Kira: Since you are a fashion designer, which Kawaii fashion style appeals to you the most?

Diana: As I mentioned, I love to combine several styles to make something that can be easily used in any type of situation, be it a party or going to the supermarket, and never stop looking kawaii, I really like pastel goth Lolita and although it is not a style correctly if not a place the well-known Harajuku.

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Kira: We have noticed from your account that you like trying on different styles from your contact lenses, hairstyles, make-up, eyeliners, and more. Where do you get all these inspirations from?

Diana: I like to be inspired mostly by people, dolls, or some cute or dark things 💕

(Chainsawman makima makeup)

Kira: How would you define your kawaii fashion? What is it you most care about in your fashion?

Diana: I would define it as a collage that looks good, what matters most to me is that this makes me feel comfortable and sure of myself no matter what others may think or how much the clothes and style may attract attention.

Kira: When we saw your Instagram account, what we noticed first is your exceptional make-up skills! Can you share with us how you’ve discovered your talent with make-up and what got you into the kawaii world?

Diana: Sure! During college, when I saw catwalk and editorial makeup, I knew that was what I loved, and even though I didn't see much about it compared to clothing and all that, it interested me so much that when I graduated and at the beginning of the pandemic I decided to focus more in the practice and learning of makeup and as with fashion merge it with my taste with kawaii among other things.

Kira: We are so happy to collaborate with you! Do you have any standards or criteria when you are deciding who to collaborate with? And what was your Kirakira World impression?

Diana: I like that they have something to do with what I do to be able to work more easily, I currently collaborate and I am on the PR list of very nice brands that have trusted me, and that makes me very happy, honestly, I never thought I would get to that. Kirakira World seemed like a brand that totally went with my style, I am in love with everything they offer and I would like more people to know about them.

Kira: As a true kawaii fan, what do you think it means to be kawaii?

Diana: for me, it means being cute no matter what style you have we can all be kawaii 💕

Kira: What items do you recommend to beginners of Kawaii? Can you pick one from our store? (dress, shoes, dolls, etc.)

Diana: When attending a party or any event, I would recommend the Dark Lolita Big Bow Black Mini Dress. The Bow at the back enhances the simple look and makes it into something unique and cute. Pair it with the Harajuku character Hollow stockings and Bow Knot Chain goth Lolita Mary Janes Shoes which gives the outfit a little flare. Additionally, wear the Black Love Dark Crossbody bag that goes beautifully with the whole look, and lastly, finish the game by wearing the Punk Small Wire Brambles necklace which is a cool accessory that will complete the whole ensemble.

Kira: Is there anything that you want to say to your fans and followers?

Diana: thank you for giving love to my work and for always helping me by sharing and saving everything I do 💖 , don't forget that you only live once and that life is too short to afford just one style if there is something you've always wanted to wear don't lose the opportunity, feel sure of your tastes and nothing and no one will make you feel bad about it 💖

(Hello kitty cosplay 💖)

"Don't forget that you only live once and that life is too short to afford just one style."

If you browse Diana’s social media account, you will realize how sweet and loving she is! Truly an influencer worth following, so go on and follow her Instagram and TikTok accounts! Diana is truly a kawaii fan and if you want more kawaii stuff on your feed, keep yourself updated with Diana’s new posts as she’s constantly making everyone amazed by her works and art! If you’re a beginner to kawaii fashion, get your own Kirakira Box crafted and coordinated by Diana, and just trust the mind of a true fashion designer!





August 17, 2022 — Angelane Cervantes

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