Introducing Inna Dakota & Her Love for Summer



KiraHello, before we begin, could you introduce yourself to our Kira star audience?

InnaI'm Inna Dakota. I'm 27 years old, a digital artist, photographer of myself, cat lover. Lately, I've been obsessed with the topic of style in clothes.


Kira: Summer Season is here! What do you usually do during this season? Can you tell us about a special memory you have?
InnaSummer is undoubtedly associated with nature and barbecues. Almost every weekend my family and I had picnics at our country house. And, of course, with a late-night stroll around town with friends.


("The queen of the night party")



Kira: If you could become a character from a fairy tale or an animation, which lovable character would you choose to be?

I would be some kind of heroine who looks very fragile and sweet, but has strong magic, similar to Roxy from the anime Unemployment Reincarnation.


Social Media, Content Creation, and Personal Style

Kira: Aside from Instagram, what other social media platforms do you use and enjoy?

I used to like TikTok until Reels on Instagram. I also like Twitter, but that is more related to my work as an artist. There's a large community there, which is very easy and pleasant to spend time with. I often use Pinterest for posing ideas or for inspiration for new artwork.


(" Leather outfit for a nighttime theme party")

Kira: You seem to have changed your hair to different colors. What color do you like the most and how do you take care of your hair?

Inna: My natural hair is a light brown color. I don't particularly like this color, as it is associated with an unpleasant time for me. Five years ago I dyed my hair black and made the strands in the front blue. It prompted some new feeling in me, I felt like a new character. To this day, I still maintain that coloring (but I also added pink strands to the blue). My hair care routine is very simple. I wash it and put a lot of leave-in conditioner on it. To get other colors, I just put on wigs. My favorite is red. It gives a kind of cool vibe. I like it a lot.


Kira: We notice that you have a lot of selfies and the quality of your photos are great! Do you usually just take your photos by yourself?

Yes, I always take pictures myself. Sometimes I only ask my boyfriend to take my picture when I travel. I'm very shy of the camera when I'm not behind it. I really want to get rid of this phobia.


("Favorite accessory - cat ears")

Kira: When did you start creating content? Can you tell us more about your journey to becoming a content creator?

I think it was 2018. That's when I fully embraced myself as an Instagram blogger. There were ups and downs, there was a complete rejection of this activity. I didn't have a certain theme. I tried everything. And everything didn't really appeal to me in perspective. My work as an artist at one point helped revive my account and my desire to promote it.


Kira: As someone who is good at styling outfits, can you describe the importance of choosing the right socks? Does it affect the mood of what outfit you are trying to create?

Oh yeah. Socks are important. White socks of different lengths should always be in your closet. This color is universal. I also prefer to wear cycling shorts and high socks, or a skirt with socks instead of pants for summer. It makes it easier to take the heat, and the outfits look more stylish. I also think mesh stockings are an interesting option. You can pick up the color and pattern to match any outfit.


Kira: Aside from doing content, what other interesting things do you do that your followers are not aware of?

I think they know everything. I don't talk about my life that much, though. I take pictures, I draw, I like to paint 3D printed models of anime characters.


("Tender cat girl")

Coping with Challenges, Future Plans, and a Message for Supporters

Kira: As a person with a huge following, how do you deal with bashers?

I don't think I've encountered anything that serious. But there is always a "ban" button. It's never a good idea to take someone else's negativity on yourself. It's very important for your health.


Kira: As a famous content creator, we know that there are times when you feel burnout and unmotivated. How do you usually take care of your mental health?

InnaI let myself rest for a week. Just to do nothing. Go for walks, cook food, watch funny videos. But in this case, you need to have a few autoposting posts ready to go, so that the stats don't go down.


Kira: Can you please share your socks and styling tips for Summer from our store and some explanation?

Inna: I think that every outfit will sound new with a new piece. You don't have to be afraid of experimenting or judging. Mesh stockings are a great option for a party. Ordinary socks - for a meeting with friends. Tied socks - adorable for a walk with a boyfriend.


(" Cool school Kirakira outfit")

Kira: I see that you love cats which you include in almost all of your posts! Do you have a cat of your own?

Inna: I had a cat. Unfortunately, he is no longer alive. Now I have no pets, and on top of that I have allergies. I would like to get a ginger cat someday, but for now I'm just content with funny Internet kitties.


Kira: What other things do you want to explore in the future?

Inna: I want to study everything. To get more into fashion trends, to integrate AI into my photographic work, to someday learn how to sew unique things myself.


Kira: Lastly, what message do you want to share with your supporters and followers?

Inna: I am very happy to please and inspire someone, do not forget that you also please us (bloggers) by supporting us with your comments and feedback, without followers, there would be no bloggers.



 (Uniquely inspired by and created for Inna Dakota- PICTURE BY Kira x novelAI)

"Without followers, there would be no bloggers"

Inna Dakota is an inspiring figure in the world of digital art, content creation, and personal style. With a flair for transforming everyday outfits into stylish ensembles and a talent for creating captivating digital artwork, she has built a dedicated following on Instagram and other social media platforms. As she continues to grow her audience and share her passion for creativity, Inna reminds us all of the power of self-expression and staying true to ourselves.



May 03, 2023 — Kira SNS

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