For many of us, winter is right around the corner, and while that may convince many of you that your style has to suffer, we’re dedicated to alleviating that worry with cute and cozy homewear that is sure to grant you limitless confidence to achieve every goal you’ve set for yourself this season.


 Now let's dive in!


For more motivation, we’ve invited Jacki Jing for a cozy chat. A TV personality and content creator, Jacki rose to popularity when she joined the Netflix reality series “The Circle.” She quickly grew a large following on social media, where she now shares her passions, including anime and fashion, with thousands of her fans.



Continue reading to learn more about Jacki and get in the ultra-cozy spirit!


Kira: So winter is coming! But we have noticed that you are residing in L.A! Lucky you! Could you tell us about winter in LA?

Jacki:  It's really not cold at all, haha! It's like mid 50s sometimes, but mainly low 60s, and it feels amazing! :)


Kira: You seemed to be everywhere! Communicating with your followers, growing multiple channels, attending anime conventions, creating content, playing games, major game host, and more! Where does this energy come from, and how do you manage your time?

Jacki: I like entertaining people, I like making them laugh and smile. I don't know, I've always been like that. And I just manage my time poorly haha I work too much!!


Kira: Although the vibe of your past career (news anchor) and your current career seems to be a bit different, you have been working in the media side throughout your career. When did you realize that you wanted to be in the media industry? And what was the biggest challenge?

Jacki: I wanted to be a TV news journalist at a very young age, I just thought it seemed adventurous. The biggest challenge was just keeping faith in myself and my abilities and not getting discouraged.



Kira: So you were in a Netflix tv show called “The Circle.” That must have been a very exciting experience! What is it like being on a tv show? Please tell us about your experience.

Jacki: Being on The Circle was wild! I am really grateful for it because it introduced me to some amazing people, and I am so blessed for that. It honestly happened so fast and was fun -- definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am happy I did it!


Kira: You are Kirakiraworld's verified anime lover, haha. The range of anime that you know was very wide. What is anime to you?

Jacki: Anime is my heart. My Soul! My LIFE! I've loved it since I was a little girl and the shows that come out year to year continue to impress me and blow me away!



Kira:  I loved your 'wall slam' content when you attended NYCC2022! I couldn't tell if these other people who got wall-slammed were your friends or random people. Could you tell us about them? What do you do, what's the vibe, can you go there by yourself and you wouldn't feel awkward?

Jacki: Anime conventions are where all the otaku and anime lovers gather to show off cosplay, discuss anime, watch their favorite voice actors talk about the anime projects they're involved in, and so much more... It's just like my safe space -- and makes me so happy! There's lots of art and toys too! Anime lover's dream!



Kira: I think many people's concern, especially when they are at younger age, is to define themselves, their talents, and their dreams. I'm assuming you also went through this period of time before you found what you like. Could you share tips with our audience on how you overcame those challenges and found who you want to be?

Jacki: You need to hang out alone, figure out what YOU like, discover yourself and your identity, and be confident speaking your truth and being yourself. The sooner you get comfortable with that, the better. Your heart and mind will be at peace.


Kira: So you have a tattoo on your waist 'See You Space Cowboy." I have seen that anime before but never read it because the vibe seemed to be a bit heavy and maybe philosophical. What is special about this anime to you?

Jacki: Cowboy Bebop was my brother's favorite anime, so when he passed away, I got a tattoo to honor him. It is a very heavy, sad, tragic anime, but life is like that as well -- "you're gonna carry that weight" is a popular quote from the anime. Life is hard, but we keep on going.



Kira: Although you seemed to be very outgoing, confident, and bright, it seems like you went through hard times growing up. Could you tell us about your story when you were young? And how were you able to overcome those hard times, and eventually become a shining star? What advice would you give to others who are going through difficult times?

Jacki: I definitely was bullied a lot when I was a kid, and people were always trying to dim my light. I just finally got sick of hiding myself and trying to cover up who I truly was and when I started to just be me, my heart -- myself -- I was free and happy.


Kira: What is life to you, and what do you want to achieve in your life?

Jacki: Life has its ups and downs -- remember the low points are temporary, and cherish the high points. My brother isn't here anymore so I just try to enjoy my time on this Earth as much as possible because we don't know when our journey here will end.



Kira: As an anime lover, there must be a character that you feel very attached to and that triggers your emotions. Could you please describe a character that does that for you? For example, I describe myself as a lonely elf in the garden.

Jacki: OMG, love this question. I definitely think I am like a hardened warrior princess, rough and athletic but still has some grace and elegance. The warrior on the battlefield! Or maybe a mermaid, because I love the beach and I love bikinis, haha!

- A painting only for Jacki -
(I think this is what Kira feels like Jacki's animated character. - PICTURE BY Kira x novelAl)


Kira: Could you please tell us about your styling tips for the winter from our store?

Jacki: I like comfy, fluffy and cute and well KiraKiraworld has that covered! These pajamas are so soft and comfortable, I wear them everyday!


Kira: What do you want to say to all your supporters?

Jacki: I love you all so much, you give me life! I wouldn't be where I am without you. Thanks for your support and love. I support and love all of you deeply!


 Our chat with Jacki reinforces the importance of believing in your dreams and being yourself as you pursue them. Once you block out others’ opinions and trust in yourself, anything is possible!


 "You give me life! I wouldn't be where I am without you. Thanks for your support and love"


Of course, it always helps if you feel confident while conquering your goals. At Kirakira World, we have a wide selection of cozy Kawaii winter homewear to keep you warm and cute as you make all of your dreams come true.

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November 21, 2022 — Kira SNS

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