Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Gaby_cosplay, a 27-year-old Canadian cosplayer who is not only passionate about cosplay but also uses her platform to raise awareness about her disability. In this interview, Gaby shares her experiences, inspirations, and some heartwarming stories that make her a truly inspirational figure in the cosplay community. So let's dive right in and get to know her better!

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Meet Gaby_cosplay, the disabled cosplayer inspiring Many


("Collei from Genshin Impact, by far one of my favorite cosplay since I relate to her condition so much"📷 by stephanerock)

Kira:  Hi, before we begin, could you introduce yourself to our Kira stars audience?

Gaby: Hi, so my name is Gaby, I'm a disabled cosplayer and a seamstress! I have a passion for make-up and wig-styling as well, and I mostly cosplay characters from manga or video games since it's a passion for me.


Kira:  Spring Season is here! What do you usually do during this season? Can you tell us about a special memory you have?

Gaby: I love spring so much, especially because I love animals. I live in the country side near Montreal, so this is the season where I can finally go out, enjoy the breeze and watching the animals! Feeding the birds, the raccoons, the stray cats, and even wild rabbits and turkey is one of my passion!


The Cosplay Journey: Embracing Disability and Breaking Stereotypes


(Mitsuri from Demon Slayer, she makes me feel so confident! 📷 by darnpixmoments)


Kira:  You are not just an ordinary cosplayer! You are also spreading awareness regarding your disability and you are inspiring a lot of people! Can you tell us more about your journey with your condition as your TikTok bio says “my legs dont work like they used to before”.

Gaby: Hahaha indeed they don't! We still are trying to investigate what happened precisely. It all started at the end of August 2021 where I started experiencing joint paints in my ankles, and eventually my knees, hips and lower back. Within 2 months, I could barely walk anymore. I started getting slightly better for a while, and then it kept decreasing. My rheumatologist seems to think that it might be the consequence of an aggressive sarcoidosis I might have suffered from in 2021, that would have left nerve damages. I'm on a new type of medication, and I have seen a little improvement, but I am at peace with my chronic pain. I want to use my platform to bring awareness and to me, it's a way of making sense of all the suffering. At first, I felt embarrassed and ashamed, so I tried to hid it as much as humanly possible online. But it got to a point where I realized, we deserve more representation and there is nothing to be ashamed about. Perhaps it's my purpose to break down the stereotypes us disabled people have to face daily!


Kira:  You seem to have cosplayed a lot of characters already! When did you start to cosplay and how was your journey?

Gaby: In 2016! Me and my best friend were really involved in the anime community and I decided that... why not? Plus my mother is a seamstress, so we spent so much time sewing together. She taught me so much! This whole journey gave me the chance to meet some of the most amazing people I have ever met and I feel absolutely blessed to be a part of this wonderful community.


Kira:  What do you think is the most important part of a cosplay?

Gaby: To have fun! It's important to keep the PLAY in cosplay. At the end of the day, I don't see it as a competition or a way to be popular online: all of this is worthless if you don't have a blast while doing so!


Kira:  You have a huge following on social media! How do you deal with bashers?

Gaby: I delete a lot of comments! Sometimes I reply to try to educate them, and twice I ended up contacting their parents when it was getting too vile, ha ha ha!


The Power of Inspiration and Connections: Anime, Heroes, and Friends


(Here's my Ganyu cosplay. And yes: I was definitely freezing out there ha ha! 📷 by bahamutnight)


Kira:  You are inspiring a lot people with disability, but can you share who or what inspired you?

Gaby: Misa on wheels is a big inspiration for me, I find her to be so positive all the time and such a beautiful soul... outside of the cosplay community, I'd say that Judith Heumann is one of my hero. And also, I have so many wonderful mutuals who inspire me everyday by their strength and resilience.

Kira:   As someone who loves anime, there must be a character that triggers your emotion the most! Who is this favorite character and can you tell us something about it?

Gaby: I have two! The one who got me into cosplay was Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul. I felt such a strong connection to him that I decided that I wanted to BE him ha ha! My other favorite is Katsura Kotaro from Gintama. Now this might be embarrassing to admit but I have a shrine dedicated to him in my living room and a tattoo of him on my thighs!

Kira:  As a famous content creator, we know that there are times that you feel burnout and unmotivated. How do you usually take care of your mental health?

Gaby: My friends. Even at my lowest physical and psychological point, they'd come see me every single week to make sure I was ok. I also have a amazing partner who's probably the person who knows me the most. I'm also very close to my family members. Everytime I'm sad, I go see my mom, my sister or my nieces and they energize me for days! My cat is also my kindred spirit: he helps me a lot when I'm down!


(Barbara from Genshin Impact 📷 by fantastic.photographic)

Kira:  During the times that you are not working, what are the things that you do?

Gaby: Outside of cosplaying, I love to sew and to cook! My friends can confirm I'm a great cook he he! I'm also a big History nerd, so I can never get enough of historical documentaries. I'm also a classically-trained musician!

Kira:  What is the most heartwarming thing that a supporter has done to you?

Gaby: Ahhhhh it's so difficult to pinpoint one thing! I've had lots of people buying me mobility aids and one who financed my wheelchair. That was... incredible, I don't have the words to express my gratitude. And every single drawing of me... that always make me tear up!

Kira:  You seem to have a very loving circle of friends. Can you tell us more about them?

Gaby: They're the best! We're like a small family, they're always there for me and I try to always be there for them as well. We have started going again they'll always gladly push my wheelchair. We're all cosplayers so every single week we gather in my house. I love them so much!


Exploring New Horizons: Business, Fashion, and Gratitude


(Wanted to try something a little different this time and I went for Shinobu's bathing suit version from the comfort of my bathtub! 📷 by bahamutnight)

Kira:  What other things would you like to explore?

Gaby: I definitely would like to start a business! Sewing is the thing I like the most, so I would love to make geek gifts, such as pillows, bags, bows, etc! I've started having booths in cons recently and I'd like to dive right and maybe one day doing this full-time!

Kira:  Can you please share your styling tips for Spring from our store and some explanation?

Gaby: Anything CUTE. You were born to stand out, and Spring is the season where you can finally show off your amazing sense of style! So I went for a kawaii outfit, pastel colors, mainly pink but with a little touch of blue. Spring in Canada is strange, since the mornings can be freezing and the end of the day is warm, hence why I picked a faux-fur jacket that I can take off once the sun is fully out. Trust me, with this outfit, people will turn their heads when you walk (or roll!) down the street. And that's exactly what I'm aiming for.



Kira:  Lastly, what do you want to tell to all your supporters?

Gaby: "You guys have helped me so much in my spiritual journey, healing myself psychologically and I will forever be in your debt."

"For the other cosplayers: your creativity has no end. Explore it, have fun with it, try new things, and enjoy the ride! Love you! "


 A Story of Passion, Resilience, and Love


(Here's my Uravity from My Hero! 📷 by fantastic.photographic)
(Uniquely inspired by and created for Gaby -  PICTURE BY Kira x novelAl)

"You guys have helped me so much in my spiritual journey, healing myself psychologically and I will forever be in your debt."

Our interview with Gaby_cosplay has shown us the incredible power of passion, resilience, and community. Gaby's journey as a disabled cosplayer and her commitment to using her platform for advocacy is truly inspiring. Her love for her craft, her friends, and her supporters is evident, and we can't wait to see what she achieves next. We hope that you enjoyed getting to know Gaby_cosplay as much as we did and that her story encourages you to follow your dreams, no matter the obstacles you face.




March 31, 2023 — Kira SNS


Michel Raymond said:

Above all, this is really a wonderful interview, congratulations! I have known Gaby for a few years as a photographer and every time I meet her I am always filled with beautiful energy. Gaby gave me the great opportunity to photograph her several times and the chance to live a great experience in the cosplay world. When I think of Gaby I always have a lot of butterflies in my body and I take advantage of this moment to send her as much energy as I can.

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